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Teaching Canadian Entrepreneurs, and self employed individuals how to manage the bookkeeping, financial and tax backend of their business. Master the “business side” of your business!

Easy live and online bookkeeping courses for the small business entrepreneur!

A primary resource for help with your bookkeeping & taxes for your small Canadian Business

Online Courses

Many courses available to teach you the small things about starting and running your own business in Canada.

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Choose from a simple 20 minute video to a 12 hour course. We have the learning that you need! All courses are customized for the busy business person that needs good, reliable, and Canadian information.

    Group Coaching

    Join our monthly group to get group coaching and learning. Hear from others with similar issues and challenges. Learn from your peers.

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    Each session will have an opportunity for you to ask your specific questions and get answers from the instructor.

    There is also a sharing session, where other members can share useful tips that they have learned, or learning moments of their own!  New group launching Winter 2019.

    Live Workshops

     Join our live workshops where you learn how to do  your own bookkeeping and learn business concepts over several weeks.  Many different topics available.

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    Each session is done in a live webinar format, which means it is recorded and available to you after the meeting.

    Can’t make it to a session?  No problem!  Listen at your own speed on your own time.  Fast forward to the “good stuff” and get answers you need quickly.

    Simple Bookkeeping Software

    What are the different bookkeeping software programs?  How do you use them?  Which one is best?

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    COMING SOON!  There are so many software programs out there, and you are never sure which ones are the best to use.  Lots of people choose the one their friends suggest, but is that really right for you?

    We also include screen shots for technical training so you can learn how to use the software of your choice.

    FREE Resources for you

    This is a listing of the most common resources my clients request for their small business

    Home Based Expenses

    Home Based Expenses

    Here is a popular form that clients will use to record their home based expenses for the year. Easy and simple to record and submit to your accountant.
    You? Or a bookkeeper?

    Travel Expenses

    Travel has unique requirements, and you can get some exclusive write offs for meals and accomodation.  Use this simple form to track your travel dates, and give to your accountant to get maximum write offs at the end of the year.

    DIY Expense Tracker

    DIY Expense Tracker

    DIY Expense Tracker helps you track your income and expenses in a spreadsheet format without the drama of complicated accounting software.
    How to prepare for your accountant

    How to prepare for your accountant

    This checklist will help you determine what you need to do before you go to your accountant to get your taxes done. Use this checklist to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything!

    How to organize your shoebox

    How to organize your shoebox

    Learn how to organize your paperwork to save money on bookkeeping and accounting fees. Yes, there is a way to save money on fees and be more prepared.
    Navigating Canada Revenue Agency

    Navigating Canada Revenue Agency

    Many ask me how to navigate the Canada Revenue Agency, before you get into trouble, and what to do if you can’t pay them. This worksheet will help!

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