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Home Based Expenses

How to Navigate Canada Revenue Agency

This webinar tells you all about navigating through CRA system, and what to look out for. We discuss pitfalls, and what to do if you think you are getting into trouble.

We also talk about the process for trust exams and audits.

You? Or a bookkeeper?

Preparing for Your Accountant

Are you a small business that is trying to get ready for your accountant?  Whether you are a sole proprietor, or an incorporated company, this webinar is a must see for those that are doing their business year end.


DIY Expense Tracker

How to be Your Own Bookkeeper

If you are looking to do your own bookkeeping, this webinar is the MUST SEE for you!

We will walk you through what you need to know, and on the points you might be missing. We will also cover the accounting software options and technology available.

Home Based Expenses

Writing off Your Vehicle

Your vehicle can be an amazing write off, but only if you use it right! Eliminate the confusion around the “how” to write off your vehicle.

 Know the best way for you to track your vehicle. Get the right tools for tracking. Know the “Why” and the “How” of tracking your vehicle.

You? Or a bookkeeper?

Using DIY Expense Tracker

How to properly use the receipt tracking software, DIY Expense Tracker.

Eliminate the drama of complicated accounting software and find out how easy it is to save accounting fees by tracking your receipts.


DIY Expense Tracker

Direct Sellers/MLM Bookkeeping

Direct sellers and network marketers have some specific bookkeeping needs. 

This webinar will help educate them on what they need to do in their business to keep a little more of their “side hustle” money in their pocket.

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Using your vehicle for business?

Find out the proper way to claim your vehicle