Writing Off Your Vehicle

he vehicle can be an amazing write off that minimizes your taxes, but only if you use it correctly! Find out how you can make this easier.

If you are feeling “frozen in confusion” about writing off your vehicle because it is just…well…darn confusing, then this webinar will clear this up for you.

Know the best way for you to track your vehicle. Get the right tools for tracking. Know the “Why” and the “How” of tracking your vehicle.

This webinar is pre-recorded. Offers listed in this webinar will not be valid.

DISCLAIMER:  This webinar gives you information for educational purposes only. Always consult a legal or accounting professional when dealing with business matters.

Is vehicle tracking just sooooo confusing?

Tracking your vehicle is likely the most confusing for business owners.
It doesn’t have to be this way.


It is surprising how many people put 100% faith into their accountant / tax preparer when it comes to how much money they are going to owe Canada Revenue Agency.

Did you know that you have it within your power to pay less?

A major way to pay less taxes is to prepare better at tax season.  The more information you have for your accountant / tax preparer, the better job they can do for you.

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