How to Use DIY Expense Tracker

You have concepts down, but how do you easily use an accounting software to enter your receipts?

How do you generate what the accountant really needs for taxes?

DIY Expense Tracker is a program we support for easy tracking of receipts and monies. Simple and easy, without the drama of complicated accounting software.

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DISCLAIMER:  This webinar gives you information for educational purposes only. Always consult a legal or accounting professional when dealing with business matters.

Now that you want to tackle the paperwork, let’s be sure to do it right!

Learn to use the easiest receipt tracking software that I can recommend.


Easy Learning

Learn at your pace in a relaxed environment with video presentation.

Reduce Tax

Find the techniques to keep more money in your pocket and less to the ?‍ The Tax Guys
(good old CRA).

Be Empowered

Learn the basics of the paperwork and receipts you need to keep and the simplicity of the program to do it.

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