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When looking at the options, decide which software is for you….from an industry expert!

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Making a choice on bookkeeping software can be challenging!  Once you’ve made the choice, your data is there and you are committed for a long time!

The features all look good, but the challenge starts to come when you use it!  It is never as simple as “the features list” that is advertised.

It can be very confusing!  Here is our comparison for some of the most popular software.  This is our opinion only!  You will find each professional has an opinion based upon their own personal experience.

Software Comparisons

Which should you use?

Listed in order of the most common to the least common – according to what our clients use

Quickbooks Online

Tends to be the most common program used by industry professionals.

Tends to be most popular amongst consumers as it has the most features available.

Connects to your bank and offers automatic download.

Has both cash based and accrual based accounting.

Is the most expensive, and has regular yearly (sometimes 2x per year) price increases between $4-$6 at a time.

Is the easiest for the bookkeeper to use, reducing time paid to a bookkeeper (so there is a trade off!).

High failure rate when clients try to use and implement it themselves.

Has a full payroll option for additional $$.  Disclaimer:  We don’t recommend their payroll as it is inflexible and frustrating. Good for very simple payroll, but not for any complexity.

Integrates with other “receipt picture” softwares, like Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, Dext, etc, for additional fees paid to those softwares.

Has it’s own “receipt picture” capability, but it is unreliable and inconsistent.  We do not recommend using this feature.

Integrates well with most software.



Offers a good variety of features.

Includes Hubdoc, which takes pictures of receipts (this costs extra with other programs)

Pricing is consistent with market

Connects to your banks and offers automatic download

Has a small payroll capability, but is limited. Other 3rd party programs are recommended.

Clients report it can be confusing to start using.  However, keystrokes are relatively intuitive so the learning curve can be quick.

Is well recognized, so integrates well with many other softwares.



Free to use

Charges additional fee if you wish to use the feature to take pictures of receipts

Connects to banks and downloads the information

Banking allocation is more limited than other software

Has a paid payroll option (which we have never used, so we have no opinion on it)

Is a great option for the solopreneur or the very simple company


Quickbooks Desktop

Was the most popular program in previous years

Can do anything almost….it is a beast!

Still maintains an excellent and flexible payroll option

Manual data entry – no good automation

Manual bank reconciliations

Things to remember when starting

Here are a few things that clients sometimes don’t think about when starting out.

Features to look for

Most programs have the same features.  Here are ones that we find most common to look for.

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Banking connection & downloads

All online software now has the ability to do banking downloads automatically.

All online software now can remember transactions for the future to make bookkeeping easier.

Paying bills & invoices

Believe it or not, some software doesn’t let you enter and pay bills later.  If you want to enter your bills today and pay them later, make sure your software has that functionality.

Cash vs accrual based

This is a form of accounting that can be VERY important to understand when you start.

Cash based accounting records transactions when it goes through the bank.   This is the easiest form of accounting, but also the least accurate.  You likely cannot use reports to show accuracy in profit & loss, especially if you want to stay on top of what you are making to make decisions.  Cash based is excellent for contractors and one-man show businesses, as it is the most effective and the least expensive.

Accrual based accounting records transactions when they happen and doesn’t consider when they get paid.  This is the most accurate way of tracking your profits, and can be used for longer term predictions.

Not all bookkeeping software does accrual based accounting.

The Owner's Behaviour

We have often said the hardest thing about bookkeeping is the owner!  Use this list to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.

Will you use it?

If you are setting up a product but you aren’t using it, then this can be a good challenge. Ask yourself “will I actually do the bookkeeping?”

Doing a 1/2 job only will cost you higher fees in bookkeeping & accounting costs in the end.

Are you a numbers person?

You don’t have to be a “numbers” type of person to be successful, but if math is a mystery to you, then this isn’t a good choice!  Let the professional put it together for you.

Its OK to bury your head in the sand

Interestingly enough, setting up online software can actually HELP the professional and save time.  You don’t have to do it!  You can actually just get it setup and let it “do its’ thing” until the end of the year. Then the professional can jump in and save huge amounts of time.

Regular Checkins

Regardless if you are doing it or a professional is, it is important that it is “checked in” at least 4 times a year to make sure it is properly functioning.

To think about

This section contains items we don’t often think about, or rare things that will cause conflict or get in the way of having a perfect set of books!

7 years

When you are done your business, you still have to pay for this software for 7 years in order to meet the requirements from Canada Revenue Agency.

Marketing is a ploy!

We would say that the reality vs the marketing fantasy that the companies portray is very different.  The marketing departments of all software will lead you to believe that it is simple and easy.  In reality, most clients struggle with the setup of all the softwares.

Every client is different and we suggest you have a conversation with someone to find out the right solution for you.

FAQ on our company

Here are some questions that have been asked by interested students. If you are wishing to know more information, please go to our contact page and we will get back to you with help as soon as possible. 

Can you get me setup so that I can do it myself?

Absolutely! We would be most pleased to help you become independant.

Will you pay my bills for me?

Yes, we most certainly can.  We have many clients that we do all the bill paying and invoicing.

What does it cost?

Although every company is different, bookkeeping generally costs between $50 and $75 an hour.



Are you certified?

Yes. Both the owners are Certified Professional Bookkeepers and current members of CPB Canada.

Can you help me find an accountant?

Yes, we are happy to do this for you. We can establish what you are actually looking for and then match you to the accountant that we feel can help you.

I am just little! Do I qualify?

Absolutely!  The basis of our clients is their positive attitude and not the size of their company.