How to Organize Your Shoebox


Have you ever looked at all the paperwork you have to do and think “Where do I start?!”

We got you covered!

This checklist will show you how to get organized, how to put it all together, and the best way to prepare for your accountant.

Save accounting fees!  Sometimes the most time consuming task is
organizing your papers and records.

No matter how your get your books done, the papers have to be organized and put together.  Save some time by finding out the best way to do it for your tax preparer and save money on accounting fees.


There is just do much darn paperwork when you are in business!  Yes, this is true.  But the upside is that the more paperwork you have, sometimes the more money you can save on taxes!

However, the papers have to be organized by someone. Sometimes tax preparers say “just give me your statements and I will work from those.”  Yes, that is an inexpensive method of doing taxes, but it doesn’t really work to your advantage when it comes to your tax bill.

The more infomation your tax person / accountant has, the better job they are able to do.

Organizing your paperwork will ensure that they have all the information they need at their fingertips!

To get the best tax return, somebody needs to organize it!  If you want to save money on accounting fees, then let it be you that does the organizing!

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