How to prepare for your accountant


The best way to save taxes is to give your books to your accountant in a PREPARED fashion.  

You also can prepare by asking good questions and giving your accountant pertinent pieces of information that they may not have.

This checklist will give you the best way to save money in taxes!

The info you give your accountant at the end of the year could be the difference in thousands of dollars of tax.

Find out the little things that your accountant might not know that will make a $$ mound $$ of difference.


If you think about how many tax returns your tax person is doing when they do yours, you might be surprised to hear that they have a “formula” or a way to do things that applies to everyone.

But is that the best way?

The challenge that tax people have is that the information they work on is only as good as they get from the customer.  And, sometimes, the customer just doesn’t realize that a small piece of information makes a world of difference for their tax return.

This simple checklist will give you the background questions and tasks that you should do in order to have the best tax experience and pay the least amount of money in taxes.

Set your accountant up for success!

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