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Authenticity, Excellence, Put a blurb here about who you are. Maybe your vision, a mission statement, something like that. 

Our vision is to raise the bar in the bookkeeping industry by teaching bookkeepers not only theory but practical applications. 

We are offering in person classes that include the basics of bookkeeping, as well as hands on practice in a “normal” setting.

Entrepeneurs who want to learn how to do their own bookkeeping or just want to learn how to read their financial statements, will find help with our team.

We also offer professional bookkeeping services for clients in need a certified bookkeeper.


Years of combined experience

Between Lynn and Pam there are 50 years of combined experience helping companies, with advise and bookkeeping.

Different Clients

Over the years, these 2 have dealt with many different types of clients.

Expert Bookkeepers

Both are Certified by Canadian Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, making ongoing learning a priority.

Our Story

The bookkeeping relationship between the owners, of this company, began 

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Our Mission

Our vision is to raise the bar of the bookkeeping industry by teaching realistic education and offering professional bookkeeping services. 

Meet the Experts

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Lynn Gagne-Webb

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

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Pam Toker

Certified Professional Bookkeeper

Pam Toker is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with close to 30 years experience. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including oilfield services, trades workers and the service industry. She is experienced with both accrual and cash-based accounting.

Her humble beginnings in the field has given her a unique perspective on both the industry and entrepreneurship. She got her start in 1992, when a friend of a friend needed a bookkeeper for her new business. With their encouragement and support, Pam took bookkeeping courses by correspondence to learn the basics and from there, grew her knowledge and shaped her career.

Pam later moved to Edmonton, where she took a position with Lynn Gagne’s new bookkeeping business, where she helped create processes for many new types of companies. She then worked for an accounting firm, where she gained experience working with building construction companies, fast food restaurants, day cares and investment companies.

Pam’s diverse experience working with all kinds of companies and clients afford her an intuitive perspective on helping entrepreneurs in almost any field manage their books, minimize their taxes and maximize their profits.

Her latest venture is a company passionate about helping entrepreneurs learn to keep their own books, including how to read financials to propel their companies to new levels of success. While she currently continues to provide bookkeeping for select clients, she looks forward to creating a school to certify bookkeepers, giving them a jumpstart toward starting their own businesses or launching their career in the bookkeeping field.