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You may not believe it, but this is the place to find other people with just as many questions!  Learn from other business owners, and find creative ways to save money in your business

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It seemed so simple when you started!  Just a few receipts to enter!

UGH!  And now, you are just confused and searching the web for some good old answers. Preferably CANADIAN ones!

What is everyone else doing?  Are you the ONLY one struggling?

Nope!  You sure aren’t!  There are lots of business people just like you that are looking for some simple answers.

People that are scared to ask the question because they think “they should know”.

Oh yes…people…just…like…you…


Bookkeeping Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Support.

Accounting Jokes

Accounting Jokes

oes your tax person have a sense of humor?   We do!  And we are not scared to poke a little fund at ourselves! Here is a bit of "tax person" humor to sweeten your day!   Lost Two accountants fighting over a penny!...

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