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Canada-wide bookkeeping education. We offer online and LIVE courses and workshops for self-education on how to do your company’s bookkeeping or helping you take up bookkeeping as a career.

What we offer

Our vision is to raise the bar of the bookkeeping industry by teaching realistic education to both business owners and beginning professional bookkeepers.

On-Demand Bookkeeping Courses

Learn to do your own bookkeeping for your company. These courses are prebuilt and designed to be self-taught at your own pace. 

Bookkeeping Support Network

Keep learning! Belong to a group that gives you continued learning, regular updates, access to courses, and allows you to attend bi-weekly live workshops and ask questions.

Bookkeeping Labs

We open up our schedule on certain days just to give you some help!  Someone to ask “just 5 minute” questions.  We can log onto your computer and help you through the most confusing of problems.

Professional Bookkeeping

Let a certified professional bookkeeper handle your work for you. Yes, we actually do bookkeeping as well to help us understand the challenges our clients have.


Join us on our podcast giving you topics that mean the most to the self employed person or small business owner with just a few employees or subcontractors.

CRA Audit Assistance

Going through an audit?  Don’t do it alone!  Use our staff to help work with your accountant or get some advice how to put together all your required paperwork for CRA.

Resources and Tools for the Small Business Owner

Click for a collection of amazing resources (all free) that will make your bookkeeping life easier


 Once up on a time, you went into business to make more money, do your work with pride and have more freedom.  Right?

Welcome to the world of self employment.  It makes me crazy that self employed people are expected to know all these rules, but yet they are not even required to look for a manual! 

Information is difficult & confusing for the average small self employed person.

Watch the video to learn why I do this and how it started.

The demand for education has now grown so large that I have partnered up with
Pam Toker, Certified Professional Bookkeeper. Together, we are focusing on teaching entrepreneurs and helping you keep more money in your pocket.

Check out our profiles below.


lynn gagne-webb

One of my favorite things to do as an entrepreneur is share what I’ve learned with friends like you. People who are just starting to pursue their dreams, or small business owners seeking to reach that much higher. Many small business owners, both in my circle and my community, rely on me for professional and accurate information, and I genuinely love to share!

My question to you is, how can I help you get where you want to be with your business?

I’m Lynn Webb, an entrepreneur, author, and educator with thirty years of business experience, most of that focused in senior management or supervisory positions. I’m a Certified Professional Bookkeeper (CPB), I hold a Business Administration Diploma and I am a member of the CPB of Canada.

I freely admit that my personal capacity to learn everything I want to know is not as great as how much there is to learn. And if you’re like me, that works out nicely, because it means we can keep right on learning and growing, and so will our businesses!


Pam Toker is a Certified Professional Bookkeeper with close to 30 years experience. She has worked with clients in a variety of industries, including oilfield services, trades workers and the service industry.

Her humble beginnings in the field has given her a unique perspective on both the industry and entrepreneurship.  Pam has been self employed, worked for small business and for accounting offices, all since 1992.

Her latest venture is a company passionate about helping entrepreneurs learn to keep their own books, including being practical about doing your own bookkeeping. While she currently continues to provide bookkeeping for select clients, she looks forward to teaching and passing her knowledge, giving owners a jumpstart toward starting their own businesses or launching their career in the bookkeeping field.

Pam’s diverse experience working with all kinds of companies and clients afford her an intuitive perspective on helping entrepreneurs in almost any field manage their books, minimize their taxes and maximize their profits.

Pam’s superpower is solving puzzles!  You will recognize her by her always-present smile and her unique (but amazing) laugh.

$7 is worth your time

If you are looking for FAST and QUICK information, check out our mini videos, for only $7.  The cost of a good latte and about the same time as it takes to enjoy one….while sipping!

Each of these are the single modules from our E-School Online Course.

From Our Students and clients

Happy clients is worth so much to us.  Thank you to those that share their experiences and learning journey. 

“Lynn makes this easy to understand, even for someone as newbie as me!” Katie M

“This isn’t easy.  I hate bookkeeping, but somehow it has made it a bit easier knowing someone has my back.”

Thomas V

“The realistic situations were easy for me to relate to the material.”

Brittany R

“I am so blessed they take the time to help me understand.  I need fast quick information because I am busy, and they deliver!”

Becky R.

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